About Us

It all started as an accidental flirtation.....

About Perlin Design

My path to becoming a jewelry designer started as an accidental flirtation years ago. After breaking a beautiful amethyst necklace I’d just purchased, a friend suggested I learn how to repair it myself. The moment I first stepped into a store filled with semi-precious stones, the craft of jewelry design became a full-blown love affair. Learning how to repair that necklace started me on a journey that has included years of exploring the craft of design with various metals and gemstones, earning a design degree from the Gemological Institute of America, and I have spent endless hours developing my own unique style.

I run Perlin Design from a small village on the southern coast of Sweden. It is here, surrounded by the sea and nature, and my family, that I find my true creative inspiration. 

In keeping with my philosophy to live and create in harmony with the earth, each piece of jewelry is made by hand in Portugal and Bali in accordance with the highest environmental and industry standards. We produce every design in very limited quantities to minimize waste, and all waste materials are recycled or reused. 

It’s such an honor to be able to do what I love each and every day. It warms my heart and I hope, by wearing one of my pieces, it will warm your heart too. 

I hope you will enjoy shopping with us!

Linda Wente

Founder & Creative Director at Perlin Design

Our Vision

We believe that everyone is a perfect person at their core and deep down, wants to be noticed for their individuality. Jewelry is one way to express your inner self. Some days you may want to be subtle, some days you may want to be bold. Whatever the day and your mood want to say, jewelry can help you say it.

Our vision is to add that extra sparkle to your day by wearing beautiful jewelry made sustainably. Because it’s not just about making you look good, it’s about making you feel good too. 

Every piece is made with love - and made to last. And the best part is - jewelry always fit!

California - where it all began.....

This is where it all began. The great and varied nature of California is an inspiration all the designs available at Perlin Design.